From The Burning Hand


Many Circlars beleive that the advent of the information age and the proliferation of information leads to a furthering of the Lie. They blame marketing and advertising for the increase in materialism, and puport that our gaolers actively use television and the interactive media to keep us blind and subservient. The more fundemental Circlars avoid the media and the internet at all costs.

The Nullists are one of the newer Circlar sects. Instead of avoiding the new technologies, they seek to use them to their own advantage. Initially an underground movement of hackers and anarchists, they have now grown to include people from all walks of life who tend to use the internet as creators, rather than just consumers. Indeed, some Nullists think that a way through the walls of our Gaol may be found by exploring the more creative aspects of virtual life; as electronic worlds become more participatory and increasingly imaginal, it may be possible to discover a path to gnosis and enlightenment.



The Nullist movement began in the 1980s when a useNet group was created regarding the Strange Circle.