The Rare Earth Society

From The Burning Hand


The Rare Earth Society was active from the 1920s up until the end of the 20th century, They used invention, mechanism and science to explore the Wall in hopes of finding times, places and procedures where breaches could be widened and entered. In this way they could enter the Skein, and the layers of the Gaol beyond that, in an effort breach the lie and further themselves towards the truth.

Core Beliefs and Raison D'etre

  • The Half-maker forged the Gaol that is the World in the same way that any machine is designed, built and maintained.
  • Thus, the Gaol can be thought of as The Great Mechanism.
  • It is through repetition, habit and the cycles of nature that were are imprisoned. To understand these (as Science) is to learn about the structure of The Great Mechanism.
  • Through study and application of Science, the surface of The Great Mechanism may be seen. Faults and cracks may be exploited, and the Skein investigated.